Awakened this morning, before the sun rose, because my freaking peri-menopausal uterus decided to organize a sloughing off fiesta–for the muthaffin’ second time this month–sooooo, I grab pillows, make coffee, and scan the news.

I read about Ivanka Trump and hope she has multiple menstruations and cramps and mood swings so severe that her forever daddy’s princess smile is wiped from her smooth, unlined, seemingly in a state of perpetual delight face. Truly, I do. I feel no shame in my wish.

Next I read about twitter and the 25th amendment, and I question for the gazillionth time how the hell this settler colonized, Christian-zealot-led, infestation of greed and disregard for fellow humans has not been thwarted, overrun, smashed, burned and disassembled YET! Soon after this thought, AIM, Chavez, Huertes, MLK Jr., Malcolm X, Revolutionary people crowd my brain; eating, swallowing whole the frustration and helplessness…

MOTHERFUCKER. The next click and I’m reading about real life brain eaters! Brain eating amoebas living in TAP WATER in two counties in Louisiana. The CDC states its okey-dokey to still drink the water, but just don’t get any of it near or up your nose. Uhm, WTFH???? How often do you wash a face or bathe without getting water by your nose? And go ahead, drink up those lil’ brain eaters; apparently, they can’t travel from your mouth, throat, or gut to your brain.

So, I’m wondering what kind of brain eater DT has? I mean it can’t be the southern variety because he’d be feverish and dead by know. It’s some form of life sustaining brain eater, although that sounds like an oxymoron, but given the state of this land and humans destroying it (and each other), Edna St. Vincent Millay said it best:  “I like humanity, but I loathe persons.” And yet if we take a stance such as this, albeit humorous and witty, we might as well be snorting that infected water.

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